48 hours in Venice to change the future of Europe
18 May 2012 - Impact Hub

Can we trigger collaborations between 20 top sustainability practitioners who have never met and come from all over Europe? Can these collaborations give birth to radically new initiatives that have a massively-positive environmental impact on our continent’s future? We believe we can! The HUB Network is bringing together 20 of its best members in Venice, hosted by  Ca’ Foscari University (INSITE project), for a collaborative workshop that is a first of its kind in Europe.

HUB Amsterdam and HUB Milan are coordinating this exclusive gathering, which will be attended by Hubbers from Bergen, Madrid, Vienna, Stockholm, Brussels, Trieste, Zagreb, Helsinki, Rovereto, Copenaghen, London, Nice and obviously Amsterdam and Milan. Emiliano from La Fabbrica del Sole will share the story of his Tuscan enterprise that is revolutionising the renewable sector, especially in the off-grid world. Sören will contribute his experience from the Island of Samsø in Denmark, the first European region to become 100% dependent on renewable energy. Irena will offer her experience of working within the public administration, having been responsible for planning Zagreb‘s urban development towards a sustainable future. They will be joined by Anja, from the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development, Eric from The Natural Step, Leonardo from the MIT – Green Home Alliance, Martin from the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems by many others with outstanding sustainability credentials. Together, they will share, discuss and build a action-oriented vision for a more sustainable Europe. And take collaboration to the highest level.

20 of Europe’s best minds in the sustainability field and three Hosts in a Palace on the Grand Canal for 48 hours that might well change the future of Europe. We believe they will. Stay tuned…