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Games Night: Perspectivity

For the love of complexity we’re hosting a games night with a round of Perspectivity!

Perspectivity is a board game that puts its participants in the shoes of national politicians while they manage a country’s economic growth through an era of rapid change.  Facilitated by coach Esther Foreman, each team will be responsible for the expansion of a virtual economy on the game board. The growth process encompasses the issues that our world leaders are all too familiar with: growth spurts, limited resources, international negotiations, downturns and conflicts.

The players face the crucial trade-off between long-term sustainability and short-term economic growth. In less than an hour you’ll have designed and implemented a game plan with five other countries. You’ll have negotiated economic and environmental crises and guessed what your neighbouring countries are up to. In your effort to maximise revenues will you be surprised, frustrated or, ultimately, win?

What are the dynamics that influence the game? Where does trust come from? Who is playing by the rules? What strategies seem to work?

Come along to play at being politician or CEO, to learn new skills, meet new people and most of all, to have fun!

There are only 2 places left so book your place asap! 


A typical Perspectivity Game workshop takes about 2.5 hours and consists of a short introduction, followed by 75-90 minutes of game, concluded with a powerful debrief.

Cost: Your £5 will go towards to securing your place and food and refreshments on the night

(even dictators have to eat sometimes!).
Nov 21st
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Price $5.95